Find your local Approved Garage Book a Service, MOT or Repair in September for a Chance to Win a £100 Love2Shop Voucher!


Bethan Davies wins £100 Love2shop vouchers


The next winner for the third week of September was chosen this week. The motorist chosen to receive £100 Love2shop vouchers is Bethan Davies from Leicestershire.

Garage network sponsor to help drive sport forward


Trusted national garage network Approved Garages is proud to announce the sponsorship agreement of the NERF Junior Premier League: an opportunity to help young footballers through their Regional Talent Centres and Central Venue Fixture programmes.

Russell Spake wins £100 for using Approved Garages!


Mr Spake, from Chalford, who took his car to Hyde Garage in Stroud. He said: "I'm truly surprised and I feel gobsmacked. I didn't actually know about the promotion. I just wanted a reliable garage and I've heard about approved garages on the telly because they sponsored the darts and I know they only have good garages on the network. So without knowing

Simon Annand thrilled to be chosen Approved Garages' Winner!


Well it's that time of the week again, where we've awarded another motorist £100 for booking their car service through this website. Our winner this week is Simon Annand from London, who took his car to Roadrunner Service near his area for his car service.

Tips for test driving a used car


When looking to buy a used car, it goes without saying that a complete and thorough test drive is mandatory. You need to make sure you enjoy driving the car, feel totally comfortable and that the car is exactly what you are looking for.

Approved Garages Winner July 3rd week


Approved Garages have yet another winner from July’s £100 Love2shop promotion. Gareth Bamford from Nottingham has won £100 Love2Shop vouchers for simply booking his car service online at and finding a garage near him, to get his car serviced.

Graham Povey bags £100 Love2shop with Approved Garages


As you’ll probably have heard by now, if you follow Approved Garages on social media, we are running a competition each week for one motorist to win £100 for booking their car service, repair or MOT through this website.

Independent garages ride high over franchised dealers


Independent garages inspire more loyalty in customers than main dealer rivals, according to the latest Castrol Professional Car Servicing and Repair Trend Tracker.

Winner for July's first £100 Love2shop


Approved Garages are once again, thrilled to announce the winner for the first week of July’s £100 every week promotion. Peter Reilly from Glasgow has won £100 Love2Shop vouchers for simply booking his car service online at and finding a garage near him, to get his car serviced. (Really, it’s as simple as that!

10 essentials to keep in your car and why


Ever wondered what you should keep in your car at all times? Approved Garages have compiled a list of ways you can ensure you can be safely equipped with everything you may need in any given situation. Here we’re going to tell you items that would be highly useful if you kept in your car and exactly why we think so:

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