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Winner for July's first £100 Love2shop


Approved Garages are once again, thrilled to announce the winner for the first week of July’s £100 every week promotion. Peter Reilly from Glasgow has won £100 Love2Shop vouchers for simply booking his car service online at and finding a garage near him, to get his car serviced. (Really, it’s as simple as that!

10 essentials to keep in your car and why


Ever wondered what you should keep in your car at all times? Approved Garages have compiled a list of ways you can ensure you can be safely equipped with everything you may need in any given situation. Here we’re going to tell you items that would be highly useful if you kept in your car and exactly why we think so:

Auto Dealership Tips: How they’re attracting the Millennials


Industries everywhere are upping their game to attract a new type of customer: The millennial! These customers, also known as the Generation Y are the generation born between the early 80’s to the early 2000’s.

Are you a distracted driver?


Four in ten young drivers admit to having used a mobile phone while driving and 23% have had an accident or near miss in the last 12 months, a new study reveals

5 ways to maximise the value of your car before selling it


Picture this: You’ve decided to sell your cherished Audi TT for a somewhat bigger, more comfortable family car. Begrudgingly you’ve advertised it in the local paper and on a few car listing sites, but you’ve realised suddenly, every other owner of a silver 09-plated TT seems to be selling theirs too!

Approved Garage's June Promo Winner gets £500!


Matthew Newman from Skelmersdale has won £500 Love2Shop vouchers for simply booking his car service online at and finding a garage near him, to get his car serviced.

Independent aftermarket driving Britain forward - report


The British independent aftermarket is in vibrant health and is a significant contributor to the British economy, according to recent research

Cars that define a decade


Cars are a part of our everyday lives, but some have made more of an impact than others. It was tough to whittle it down to one car to define each decade, however the question is, have we got it right?

Get your car ready for Summer


There are numerous guides for preparing your car for winter – but very few people think about getting their car ready for the Summer. It’s extremely uncomfortable driving in heat, feeling sun-drenched during the summer months, and feeling your car under-perform, so why not give your car some attention to make your ride more comfortable?

Guide to buying a used car – The pros and the cons


Buying a used car is an ideal option for many because it often helps cut the cost of buying a car. In addition to this, the AA have reported that majority of new cars will lose around 40% of their value in the first year of buying the vehicle, which is why some people prefer to buy a used vehicle.

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