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Guide to buying a used car – The pros and the cons


Buying a used car is an ideal option for many because it often helps cut the cost of buying a car. In addition to this, the AA have reported that majority of new cars will lose around 40% of their value in the first year of buying the vehicle, which is why some people prefer to buy a used vehicle.

Are some garages sexist – towards men!?


AutoCare and Approved Garages promise to treat everyone fairly and equally, but not all garages have a written code of conduct

Our top 10 iconic cars from films


Movies and TV shows have heralded some of the most awe-inspiring motors, that live long in the mind of their viewers, none more so than the 10 on our list of the most iconic cars to grace our screens.

Common causes of car breakdowns and how to avoid them


Car break downs can be a pain at the best of times – so it’s always a good idea to do all that can be done to ensure it doesn’t happen to you. Plus, the last thing you want is your road trip ruined this summer because of a flat battery or a bust tyre.

3 Tips that will help avoid wearing out your clutch


Have you ever wondered whether certain driving habits can wear out certain parts of your car quicker than necessary? The answer is yes! We know that over time, car parts suffer the general wear and tear. However, changing a few driving habits may just allow some parts of your car to last longer.

Should car mechanics be licensed?


A new report by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) and Loughborough University urges the Government to introduce a ‘licence to practice’ for mechanics

Dos and Don’ts of cleaning your car


Washing your car at home can be relaxing, improves the vehicle’s appearance, not to mention, you’ll save a few quid. But as easy as cleaning your car may seem, there are certain things to be aware of so that you don't accidentally scratch or degrade the finish. Here are some tips on how to maintain a new-car-finish at home and keep the car sparkly clean:

AutoCare and Approved Garages repair hybrid cars


You don’t have to be a keen ecologist to buy a hybrid car. Most buyers simply have a desire to save money on fuel. If you’re an urban driver, owning a hybrid car can be beneficial for you.

AutoCare and Approved aim to be the UK’s most female-friendly networks


Independent garages face missing out on millions of pounds in revenue because they employ too few female staff and are intimidating to women drivers, a new study reveals

Modern diesel cars exceed the standard of nitrogen oxide emissions


A Department of Transport (DfT) study has recently revealed that ninety-seven percent of all modern diesel cars produce a great deal more air pollution in the real world when compared to the official legal limits.

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