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Some possible reasons why your engine light has come on your dashboard


Many of us panic when we see any type of light that isn't normally there, lit up on our dashboard. So if the engine light makes an appearance we feel it’s a cause for real concern. To help you understand the major and minor engine problems that cause the light to appear, Approved Garages tell you the most common five:

Get to know darts player, Michael Smith: “I know I can do it and believe I can beat anybody.”


We all know Smith has beaten most of the big names in darts at least once already in his darts career but it hasn't been going so well in the Premier League 2016 for Smith. Find out what Smith’s game plan in for the rest of the season with Approved Garages:

What to do if your car breaks down on the motorway


Having your car break down at any time or any place is stressful – but we think drivers tend to get more frustrated when they break down on the motorway. Here are the vital steps to remember:

The Power looks forward to facing van Gerwen: “It’s going to be an absolute cracker this week in Glasgow…”


Approved Garages caught up with Phil ‘the power’ Taylor prior to the anticipated match tonight against Michael van Gerwen…

What the budget means for motorists


The famous red box is back in No.11 Downing Street after a Budget in which motorists have got off relatively lightly.

Gary Anderson: “Some players who spit their dummy out when they get beat, and have their wee tantrum, all I can say is, grow up!”


Approved Garages, sponsors of Premier League Darts, caught up with Gary Anderson before this year’s Premier League games started. He tells us the struggles of training, how to handle a loss and the favourites to win this year.

3 Common transmission problems and where to fix them


The transmission in your vehicle is one of its most essential components. Have you recently noticed something unusual about how your car functions, but can’t seem to detect what could be the issue? The moment you realise that something is wrong with your vehicle’s functionality, it is time to assess the problem and get the vehicle repaired.Without a properly working transmission, your car will be extremely difficult to drive.

Five ways to share the road safely with cyclists


Forget the stereotypes. Forget the YouTube videos of angry confrontations. Forget the idea that motorists and cyclists are on opposite sides

6 main reasons people fail an MOT


An MOT is a test to show that your car is road-worthy and safe. All vehicles that are three years old or more require a valid MOT test certificate, which is then renewed annually. Here are the top 7 reasons many of us fail our MOT tests:

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