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Child safety when driving in the summer heat


It’s almost the end of July, summer is in full swing and it’s so hot outside. But it can get even hotter inside a car. If you’re planning on a long drive in this epic summer heat and you’re going to have children in the vehicle with you, it’s important that you’re aware of the temperature and everyone’s wellbeing at all times.

Protect your keyless car from being stolen


There was a time you wouldn’t get very far in your car without a key. Fast forward to 2019, and the keyless car is not only common, it’s becoming the standard. The question is, how safe are keyless cars and what can you do to protect your keyless car?

Food, drink, driving and the law – we debunk the myths


We all know that it’s illegal to drink alcohol and drive, but is it illegal to eat and drive? We at Approved Garages did our research so that we can set the record straight on common questions around food, drink, driving and the law.

Should I try and fix my own car?


Fixing your own car can save you money, but trying to tackle something beyond your skill level could end up costing you a lot more than just cash. Continue reading to see what we think you should take on yourself and what to leave to a trained mechanic.

Approved Garages picks winner of 2019 Las Vegas competition!


After receiving over 1600 entries, we at Approved Garages are pleased to be able to announce who the lucky 2019 Las Vegas competition winner is...

7 rules to follow for safe driving in the rain


British weather is one of the hardest things on the planet to predict. One minute it’s the hottest day on record, the next, the skies open and your Sunday drive turns into your Sunday swim! To help you on the road, we’ve pulled together the 7 rules to follow for safe driving in the rain.

How to replace a lost MOT certificate online


As you know, driving a vehicle without an up to date MOT certificate is illegal, so if you damage or even lose your original, you’re going to want a replacement pretty sharpish!

4 Things that can happen when you don't regularly change your cabin filter


This year has already brought with it some record-breaking scorchers, so you’re going to want to make sure your cabin filter is in top condition, should you get stuck in traffic on your way to your summer staycation!

How to keep your car cool to avoid a blown cylinder head gasket...


Blowing a cylinder head gasket isn’t a rare problem with cars these days, but they are easily avoidable. Blown head gaskets can be prevented with regular car check-ups. It’s all about keeping cool under pressure. And, that’s good advice for both the car and its driver.

9 Common Mistakes Drivers Make


We all do those little mistakes while driving, which we think will have very little impact, when matter of fact is they most likely do. Little mistakes, you may be doing without thought, can have a huge impact on the rest of the drivers and the traffic in total. Failing to indicate, driving in the middle lane of the street, driving with full beams at night, can all affect your driving and others around you.

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