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10 essentials to keep in your car and why

by Approved Garages | 20 Jul 2016

Ever wondered what you should keep in your car at all times? Approved Garages have compiled a list of ways you can ensure you can be safely equipped with everything you may need in any given situation.  Here we’re going to tell you items that would be highly useful if you kept in your car and exactly why we think so:

  • Spare tyre

You should keep a spare tyre, which is in good condition, together, with a tyre jack and iron, because without them, the spare tyre is useless. This is because, the most basic car breaks down that occur are often when the driver realises their tyre is insufficient to continue driving on – this is when the spare tyre will come in handy!


  • Car repair information

Keep this, along with your car’s manual in the glove compartment as this will tell you everything you need to know about your car. If you notice a new light on your dashboard, if you want to know what electricals to use, what liquids your car takes, then all this can be found in your manufacturer’s guide.


  • First aid kit

Especially handy if you’ve got kids who you can fix up for minor sporting injuries, but it’s more crucial to have for serious wounds that may have occurred in a car accident. Emergency car kits can be bought readily packed, but often you can make your own as less cost.


  • Flashlight

Most phones have a flashlight on them now, but having an actual flash light in your car can prove extremely helpful if you break down in the dark and are in unfamiliar surroundings.


  • Mylar space blanket

These blankets can be used to stop heat loss in small spaces, such as a car or cabin. The blankets are made with a technology that allows them to trap body heat, so they can keep people warm in emergency situations.


  • USB mobile charger

Many people keep a phone charger in their cars these days, but just in case you are one of the few who don’t it’s always advisable to have some form of contact with your friends, family and emergency numbers – if you’re stranded, at least you can charge up your phone and get yourself some help.


  • Change of clothing

Keep a few items of clothing in your car, such as a jacket, an outfit and some shoes – you never know when you’ll need them. You might also want to add an umbrella with this.


  • Energy bars and water bottles

It’s always a good idea to keep emergency food and drink with you on long journeys. If you lose phone signal and you can’t find any shops around, these may just be the thing you need to boost your energy.


  • Matches or fire starter

Certain situations may call for you to light a fire and having some matches stashed in your car could really help in an emergency. Even if it is just to keep warm or to cook a meal in the middle of nowhere!


  • Spare change or emergency money

For when you have to pay for parking, or need a bottle of water, quick bite to eat, or just trolley money. It’s always handy to keep come coins in your car.

Have you got any of your own ideas for essential items you carry in your car? Feel free to share your ideas with us on Twitter @approvedgarages

In the meantime, take a look at our breakdown guide for some more useful tips.


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