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10 reasons your car may need a service at the garage

by Saima Omar | 04 Apr 2016

1.      Mileage Milestones

Your first milestone is 15,000 miles. This is when you should take the car to your local garage, even if it seems to be working fine – It helps to keep your car in order and diagnose any issues early on so they don’t lead to dearer repairs.


2.      Oil check every 3,000 miles

If you keep up with your oil and filter changes, it will lubricate the engine efficiently and help your fuel economy.


3.      If the engine light comes up on the dashboard

One of the worst things you can do when it comes to car maintenance, is to ignore your engine light if it has appeared on your dashboard. If you have seen this flash on recently, get the car to your local garage, as it could be a sign of a serious problem. A mechanic can take a car’s computer reading to diagnose the issue. You might want to read this article, to see if any of the engine light issues apply to you for a better understanding.


4.      If your car is making unfamiliar noises

Have you heard your brakes squeak as you are pressing down on them? This may indicate you need your brake pads replacing. Or have you heard a clunking noise recently? This is because your car needs new shock absorbers – they affect your steering, handling and brakes.

5.      When fluid is leaking from your vehicle

If you have arrived at the place of your parked vehicle and notice a pool of fluid under it, get the car checked immediately. This problem needs a trained mechanic to help you find out the root cause.


6.      If the car is pulling to one side

If this is happening when you drive forward, it means your wheels may need aligning. The garage will also check the tread depth on your wheels to ensure all is fine.


7.      The car begins to shake

When shifting your gears your car can shake. This points to a transmission problem – A mechanic will be able to advise you on how to alleviate the issue and fix it for you.

8.      When your tyres look bald

Tyres should have a tread-depth of 1.6mm at least. This is the minimum requirement by law and if you’re unsure about this, take your car to the garage who can tell if your tyres are okay.

9.      Weird smell coming from your car

Any smell coming from your car – obviously not a deliberate smell like from the fragranced vent sticks – should be cause for concern. Especially if the smell is a burning smell.


10. Your car won’t start

You’ve put your car key in and trying to turn the ignition, but the engine won’t come to life. It’s happened to the best of us. Get in touch with a local garage to find out why. It could be something simple like the car’s oil or water needs topping up.


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