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3 Common transmission problems and where to fix them

by | 10 Mar 2016

Have you recently noticed something unusual about how your car functions, but can’t seem to detect what could be the issue?

The transmission in your vehicle is one of its most vital components. Without a fully functioning transmission, your car will be extremely hard to handle. In fact, ignoring these issues can eventually destroy your engine.

Which is why, the moment you realise that something is wrong with your vehicle’s functionality, it is time to assess the problem and get the vehicle repaired.

Here are three of the most common transmission problems:

1. “My car doesn’t respond”

Sometimes your car will hesitate or simply refuse to go into the correct gear. If this happens regularly, then there is definitely something wrong with your car. The car should be responding to gears smoothly and immediately. If you own an automatic vehicle, then you may have the issue where there is a delay between shifting from park into drive. This is due to a transmission problem.

Manual cars can have a similar delay when shifting into gears. The car doesn’t move as fast as it’s supposed to and this suggests there is a problem with the clutch. More often than not, the clutch can be replaced and your car will be running the way it should without causing further disruption when driving.

2. “My car tends to grind and shake”

If your car is shaking when you drive it or making grinding noises, then there is definitely a mechanical problem with your vehicle. The shaking and grinding noises suggest there is a problem with your gears.

With a manual car, you feel or hear the grinding noise when you shift into a different gear. If this grinding is happening when you put your clutch down to shift into your gear, then it could be your clutch which may need to be replaced or readjusted. It may be that your car has worn out the gear synchronisers.

The appropriate course of action in these cases is to have the car inspected and serviced immediately.

3. “There is a burning smell coming from my car”

You should definitely not ignore a burning smell coming from your car. One of the most common reasons for this putrid burnt smell is because of the overheated transmission fluid.

Transmission fluid is used in cars to help keep the parts lubricated and cooled so they do not cause friction or get worn out before their time. If the fluid breaks down, the temperature of the system starts to increase causing corrosive activity and build-up of sludge and debris. This burning smell shouldn’t be ignored because if you leave it for too long, it could result in an expensive replacement.

The reason this happens in the first place, is because the fluid quantity is either too low, or the type of fluid used is incorrect.

Use an approved garage to fix your car

If you find that your car is experiencing any of these transmission problems, visit your local approved garage straight away.

An approved garage is a fully inspected garage, that is part of Motor Codes which is the trading standards of the motor industry. The approved garage near you will only fit original parts and ensure your warranty stays intact. Search for your local garage today.

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