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3 Tips that will help avoid wearing out your clutch

by Approved Garages | 02 Jun 2016

Have you ever wondered whether certain driving habits can wear out certain parts of your car quicker than necessary?

The answer is yes! We know that over time, car parts suffer the general wear and tear. However, changing a few driving habits may just allow some parts of your car to last longer.

Approved Garages are going to give you some tips on how to make your clutch last longer. The clutch is usually one part of the car which is constantly subjected to friction. So it’s no wonder that the clutch will wear out at some point and need replacing.

We find, sometimes clutches need repairing after just 15,000 miles, and at other times, cars can go 100,000 miles before the clutch gives up. Some mechanics say this is due to the way the car is driven.

Here are some ways you can avoid wearing out your car’s clutch:

1.      Sit in neutral

When you have reached a red light and you’re patiently waiting at the traffic lights, what do you tend to do?

Many drivers tell us that at traffic lights, or at junctions, they wait with the clutch down, with the gear ready in first position, with their foot touching the brake. This actually puts unnecessary strain on your clutch. It’s advised to change the gear into neutral if you are going to be waiting for a length of time, and apply the handbrake – this stops the strain on both your clutch and your brake.

2.      Avoid riding the clutch

Do you remember when your driving instructor would tell you not to ‘ride the clutch’? At the time, we all thought, what does that even mean? Now we know, “riding the clutch” simply means keeping the clutch pedal, fully, or partially pressed down. The pressure on the pad is creating a huge amount of friction as you’re driving and will very quickly wear out the clutch. Learn to keep your foot away from the clutch, unless changing gears.

3.      Change the gear smoothly and quickly

Sometimes, and more commonly with new drivers, we linger on the gear change. A gear change should take a few seconds – in which your foot will be pushed down on the clutch briefly. But some drivers take their time choosing the gear, keeping the clutch pedal pressed down for lengthier periods of time, which puts extra strain on your clutch. Try to decide early by reading the road and change the gear quickly and swiftly.

If you want to read a few more driving tips, we’ve compiled some over here, on changing driving habits which will help you to save fuel.

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