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4 Things that can happen when you don't regularly change your cabin filter

by Approved Garages | 13 May 2019

As the warmer weather begins to creep in it’s hard to believe that summer is already just around the corner.

This year has already brought with it some record-breaking scorchers, so you’re going to want to make sure your cabin filter is in top condition, should you get stuck in traffic on your way to your summer staycation!

Cabin filter? What’s a cabin filter?

When talking about keeping your vehicular air conditioning in good nick, the most essential piece of equipment to look after is probably the cabin filter. The primary purpose of the cabin filter is to protect the most valuable things inside the vehicle, the occupants, by cleaning the air that comes into the interior through the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system. Because of this, no compromises should be made when considering the quality and state of your filter.

We’re willing to bet you haven’t changed yours in a while

Even if you have heard of a cabin filter and you’re well aware of what it does, did you know that they should be changed about once a year?

Studies have not only shown that filters should ideally be changed every 9000 miles, but that failing to do this can result in the following 4 outcomes:

  • Increased build up of pollutants and harmful bacteria inside your vehicle
  • An increase in pollen and irritant build up inside your vehicle, causing allergic reactions such as sneezing or itching
  • Deposits forming on the evaporator, reducing the functionality of air conditioning systems
  • Reduced safety due to poor vision from misted windows that can’t benefit from properly recycled air

How clean is your cabin filter?

Eliminate the build up of bacteria with regular filter changes

More and more cars are hitting the road every year and its no surprise that this is having an impact on air pollution levels. These bacteria breeding pollutants can reach a car’s driver and passengers through its ventilation or air conditioning ducts with ease. Extended exposure to pollution whilst driving is not only unpleasant, it has a serious effect on the health of the vehicle’s occupants.

Micro-organisms can accumulate inside the car cabin, potentially multiplying to concentrations of up to 10 times higher than normal. Such a high level of bacteria inside the vehicle can lead to a range of health problems. These include allergic reactions, irritated mucous membranes, watering eyes, nausea, headaches, and even asthma. All of these issues can be eliminated with regular cabin filter replacement.

The good news is that cabin air filter awareness is slowly on the increase. On average they are replaced around every three years, but for optimum comfort and efficiency annual replacement (or as often as specified by the vehicle manufacturer) is preferable. Failure to change the cabin filter regularly can cause clogging which prevents bacteria and pollutants from being filtered effectively. It also greatly reduces the efficacy of your vehicles air conditioning system on just about every level.

Why risk this years' holiday, make sure your air-con is ready to perform!

By searching our database of Approved Garages you can quickly find someone nearby who will be able to check the condition of your filter and change it quickly and easily for you. Find your nearest garage and get your filter checked before it’s too late.


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