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5 ways to maximise the value of your car before selling it

by Approved Garages | 11 Jul 2016

Picture this: You’ve decided to sell your cherished Audi TT for a somewhat bigger, more comfortable family car. Begrudgingly you’ve advertised it in the local paper and on a few car listing sites, but you’ve realised suddenly, every other owner of a silver 09-plated TT seems to be selling theirs too! Clearly, this is a buyer’s market and now you need to think of how to make sure your beloved TT is the one the buyer’s choose and furthermore, are willing to pay good money for.

It’s important to prepare your car correctly, if you are serious about selling it – not just to maximise the value but also to dissuade your buyer from opting for another better-presented model. Approved Garages will let you in on 7 ways to maximise the value of your car:


  • Clean, polish and shine

Clean your car inside and out before attempting to sell your car. This way your pictures will look great, and any buyer who wants to view the car and test drive, will get a better impression from the off-set. If you want to wash your car yourself, here are some tips on how to do it at home.

You can also invest in a cheap set of car mats which will give your car a fresh look inside

  • Minor repairs or major repairs

If you want to increase the value of your car, then it is always advised to repair the car as best as you can – Get a professional mechanic to take a look under the bonnet to see what you could do to increase the value. Consider touching up the chips or scratches on your car. Did you know that small windscreen chips can often be repaired by the car insurance company at no cost and your no-claims stays intact?

  • MOT and service

If your car is close to the MOT check date at the time of selling, consider getting a new one now. A new 12-month MOT certificate is a positive to buyers.

What more, a full service history shows the buyer that your car was cared for and you maintained it well, so it is well worth keeping all receipts and making sure you have a log.

  • Shine the wheels

You need to make your buyer feel like they are getting a ‘new car’ even if it is not. So you need to make the car feel special. You can buy a cap of wheel shine from any car garage or retailer. Whilst you’re at it, why not check that the tyres are in check and replace any that have cuts or bulges. Also take a look at the alloys – do they need replacing?

  • Check the dashboard lights

If you notice any lights on your dashboard that should be there, then you should really take your car to your local Approved Garage to get the car checked over – a faulty car can seriously reduce to amount of money you would get for your car. An engine light that shows up could indicate further problems and should be seen to by a professional.

The answer lies on the courtyard of any car dealership you’ve ever visited in your life: you'll never catch any trust-worthy and respectable dealer selling a car full of dents, scratches, dirty carpets and cigarette fumes, so why would you?

So why not get a mechanic to give your car the once over – after all, the few pounds spent now, can increase the value of your car when it comes to listing it with the many other buyers!

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