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Automotive technology to know about before the release of the 66 plate this September

by Approved Garages | 10 Sep 2016

2016 has given us a wonderful array of new gadget and technology. We’ve seen a rapid advancement over the years, from wearable tech, wireless, NFC, waterproof devices, apps, drones, camera zoom technology and more.

Every new year brings with it fresh rumours of Apple products, Samsung software updates, the latest app crazes and the newest Sony camera phone quirks. Similarly, cars are quickly becoming technologically advanced to the point where we may not even have to drive or steer in the future!
With September around the corner, and the new registration 66 plates being released, we’ll have many drivers who will be looking to purchase a new car. If you’re one of them and want to kit out your car with the latest and greatest technology, then read on.

1) Automatic Steering

Automated steering systems indicate the commencement or phasing into the popularity of the autonomous car. They are cleverly made to help with lane-keep assist, which can be handy, especially because it can keep you headed on your course if you start to doze off or become distracted (Read out ‘Are you a distracted driver’ article if you could do with some tips to combat this). But moderately autonomous steering, which is now offered in a number of cars, can really steer on your behalf, even on fairly curvy roads -- at least for a few seconds, until the system asks you to retake the wheel.

2) Advanced Backup Cameras

Even drivers who are a dab-hand at manoeuvring in tight spaces will agree that it’s a comfort to have as many aids as possible for parking. The newest technology of advanced backup cameras is making it easier than ever to manoeuvre in the tightest of spaces by giving you a look angles from all sorts of heights and ranges. The best of these new backup cameras actually makes it seem like there's a small drone hovering over your car by giving you an excellent top-down view from every angle. Impressive, huh?

3) Smartphone Vehicle Management

When the Bluetooth technology surfaced, to connect our phone to our vehicle in order to make a call and maybe even stream music from our phone to the car's audio system, we thought of how did we ever cope without it? Now, many cars allow a smartphone's screen to be duplicated on a car's infotainment screen, thanks to systems like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

However, let’s go one step further now and, imagine using your mobile phone to locate your car, start the ignition, call for roadside assistance, and even get health reports on your car's current status. Now, you don't have to imagine it because the futuristic-sounding technology is now available from several auto manufacturers.

4) Self-Parking System

Do you fancy a Self-parking systems which will get you out of that uncomfortable “sorry I’m 5-minute late speech to your boss?” Self-parking systems are simple - they use sensors, cameras and other in-car technology to automatically park your car in parallel without you being present in the car.

What kind of car are you thinking of buying in 2016?

Are you the kind of person who wants the latest and greatest of every new invention, or are you happy with something a little older? If you’re looking to buy a used car this year, take a look at our tips on test driving and buying a used vehicle.

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