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This one easy tip can save you 50% on car insurance

by Approved Garages | 16 Sep 2019

Is it that time of the year where you’re looking to renew your car insurance? Have you visited a car insurance comparison website and left scratching your head because the quote you are getting now is higher than it was last year?

So many people will only look for a renewal car insurance quote in the final few days when their cover will end. But NimbleFins, a finance research company, have found that the time you buy your car insurance can make a huge difference to premiums.

Does timing matter?

They carried out some research to find out when is the best time to buy your car insurance. The data they gathered reveals that buying your car insurance 3 weeks prior to the renewal date is the best time to purchase. However, the price does not necessarily double or triple in the weeks after that. In its place, you purchase your new policy with a forward-dated start date. When checking for a quote, you will need to input when you would like your cover to start. Ensure you choose a date that corresponds with the end of your existing cover so that you can secure continual car insurance cover.

What savings can be made if you purchase car insurance 3 weeks early?

It is said that you could potentially save anywhere from 18% to 48% by purchasing car insurance with a start date 3 weeks away as opposed to an instant start date.

The results have been obtained from an analysis of more than 200 Ford Fiesta car insurance quotes for a sample 30-year-old driver with a range of start dates. They conclude that a motorist could save between £410 and £1,025 each year on cheap car insurance by purchasing their policy 3 weeks ahead of the coverage start date.

You’ll get more car insurance quotes if you search earlier

They also found that more providers were willing to quote a premium the earlier they searched. This may have something to do with the lower car insurance quotes. They found analysis approximately 50 quotes for a start date 3 weeks away in comparison to only 50% of the companies willing to quote for an immediate start date.

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