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Are cars over 100k miles worth buying?

by Saima Omar | 07 Jun 2018

While shopping for used cars, you’re sure to see low-mileage vehicles favoured in advertisements, as if high-mileage vehicles aren’t worth consideration. Online and around town, buyers tend to shy away from high-mileage vehicles on the grounds of their mileage alone.

This is unfortunate, because plenty of cars over 100,000 miles have a lot of life left in them and you could potentially get a bargain. Whereas you need to understand when they don’t as well. To find out whether the high-mileage vehicle you’re considering is a worthwhile option, check out the following.

Cars are lasting longer

“100,000” isn’t some magical separation line between reliable and unreliable. Today’s cars are lasting longer than ever before.

Some buyers will place a mileage limit on a potential new car purchase, with 100,000 miles seen as a barrier for many purchasers. To some degree, this is a hangover from car-buying of days gone by, when a six-figure odometer specified that the car was long past its sell-by date except if the vehicle in question was a taxi or truck.

Should you buy a High-Mileage Vehicle?

Maybe the top thing about a high-mileage car is that it already has an established track record or working for a long time. Because it’s run over 100,000 miles without major problems, chances of it running another 100,000 are a possibility.

There are a couple of cautions, though, such as not knowing if it’s been regularly maintained or if the last owner was the first, second or fifth owner. Comprehensive vehicle history reports may contain most of this information, and an objective inspection should reveal any real problems if you’re considering a high-mileage vehicle.

Look around, ask friends and family and you’ll find plenty of examples of reliable automobiles with 100,000+ miles on them. Diesel work trucks regularly run upward of 500,000 miles, often doubling that before needing a rebuild.

There’s plenty of proof out there that you can widen your used-car search to older, perhaps out-of-style, but equally reliable vehicles over 100,000 miles.

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