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Cars that define a decade

by Approved Garages | 27 Jun 2016









Cars are a part of our everyday lives, but some have made more of an impact than others. It was tough to whittle it down to one car to define each decade, however the question is, have we got it right?


Car that defines the 50s


WINNER: Mercedes 300SL

The 50s gave us the stunning Mercedes 300SL, sheer beauty. The instantly recognisable gullwing doors were unique and simply incredible.

Runner up 50s:

  • Porsche 356 Speedster
  • Cadillac Eldorado
  • Fiat 500

Car that defines the 60s


WINNER: Mini cooper S

The Cooper S became a household name after winning the Monte Carlo rally 3 times in 1964, ’65 and ’67. The ‘S’ sets itself apart from the standard model with upgrades such as twin fuel tanks, a tuned engine and twin SU carburettors. The Mk1 Cooper S was an instant hit and went on to be one of the most iconic cars ever made.

Runners up 60s:

  • Jaguar E-type
  • Aston Martin DB5
  • Ford Mustang

Car that defines the 70s



The 70s saw a Supercar revolution, but it was the ‘Hot-Hatches’ that stole the limelight. Volkswagen released the Golf mk1 GTi, which was an instant hit across Europe, the GTi inspired a whole new generation of sporting compacts.

Runners up 70s:

  • Range Rover
  • Lamborghini Countach
  • Lotas Espirit


Car that defines the 80s


WINNER: Audi Quattro

In the 1980s Audi introduced the Quattro,’ revolutionising rally cars and competitions. They took full advantage of the new regulations allowing four-wheel drive cars in competitive racing, winning numerous WRC races with the Quattro in the early 80s. Original Quattros are a real collector’s item.

Runners up 80s:

  • Porsche 911
  • Ford Sierra RS Cosworth
  • Peugeot 205 GTi


Car that defines the 90s




WINNER: McLaren F1

The 90s were defined by the McLaren F1. At the time it was the fastest road legal car in the world with a top speed of over 240mph! The three-seat layout was unique, and the central driving position gave the driver a glimpse of life as a F1 driver. With only 106 made, the McLaren F1 is a rare beauty.

Runners up 90s:

  • Land Rover Defender 90
  • Pagani Zonda
  • BMW M3

Car that defines the 00s


WINNER: Bugatti Veyron

The ‘Noughties’ have given us some truly incredible cars. None more so than the Bugatti Veyron, this 8.0 Litre, 1001bhp monster is a real technical triumph. Lavish, unbelievably fast and stupendously stylish, the Veyron sums up the start of the 21st century to a tee.

Runners up 00s:

  • Mini Cooper
  • Range Rover Sport
  • Ferrari Enzo

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