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9 Common Mistakes Drivers Make

by | 18 Mar 2019

 If you do any of the following mistakes, it's important to start driving safely and correctly...

1) Incorrect positioning of rear view mirror

This is a mistake that most drivers have made and forgotten to check prior to setting off. Drivers can become lazy over the years and may not check the position of their rear view mirror, before they set off on their journey. You MUST check that you can clearly see behind you while driving, rather than fixing it as you set off, which in turn distracts you for a few moments.

2) Driving slowly in the middle lane

The middle lane of the motorway is not for slow driving - it's for over-taking!  But sometimes, you'll find drivers who amble along at a slow driving speed, blocking the lane. Do not do this. On a 3 lane motorway, you must stay over in the left-hand lane, unless you need to get past slower moving vehicle. Don't be a middle-lane hogger!

3) Not indicating

Once again complacency due to driving for so long can overcome us, and we can forget to use our indicator lights. This is incredibly dangerous, as other vehicles, and pedestrians, do not know which way we will turn. Indicate even if you think no one is around - it's better to be safe than sorry.

4) Driving with full beams

You should use full beams to increase your visibility in total darkness, when there are no oncoming vehicles on the other side, or vehicles in front of you. Full beams do have a purpose, but when you are using them unnecessarily, they can dazzle other drivers and therefore can easily cause an accident.  Use high beams carefully and if a car appears then slow down and turn off your full beams so that they can pass your vehicle without being dazzled.

5) Keeping your foot on the break

Some people have the habit of driving and keeping their foot on the brake at all times too, which can damage your brake pads. It is also dangerous because you are more likely to press down on the brake if you press down on the accelerator too, so just better to get out of that habit.

6) Not wearing a seat belt

It doesn't matter whether your journey is 5 minutes long or 50, it is vital that you always wear a seat belt. Wearing one could mean the difference between life and death.

7) Driving too fast

You probably already know that speeding is one of the biggest causes of road traffic accidents. Avoid breaking the speed limit for a bit of fun -  it's not worth it for that moment when everything goes wrong.

8) Texting while driving

It goes without saying now, but texting while driving is against the law. DO NOT DO IT. If you take your eyes off the road for just 5 seconds while you send a text, then at 50mph, even if you apply the brakes, you will still continue to travel the length of a football field. That's scary!

9) Not taking a break

Driving while you are tired can kill people. So be sure to take regular breaks if you begin to feel tired, open the car window and stop for a coffee. If you must, take a nap in your car to feel refreshed. Do not drive while you are exhausted.

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