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Drive Safe – Reminding drivers about driving carefully

by Saima Omar | 21 Nov 2017

Driving safely is such an important aspect of every living, not just for the safety and well-being of the person behind the wheel, but also the passengers, pedestrians and other drivers. In today’s world, we are more distracted than ever – with mobiles, sat navs and Bluetooth connections, we can easily take our eye off the ball.

The obvious driving safely tips:

  • Don’t check your phone when you’re driving – keep it in your glovebox if you feel tempted.
  • Slow down and read the road calmly – the speed will increase the severity of an accident, if you were to have one.
  • Don’t try to reach for items that may have fallen on to the floor
  • Wear your seatbelt always – make sure all your passengers are also belted up.
  • Be watchful of other drivers too!

Try to drive defensively:

  • Expect other drivers to drive badly, and you’ll be aware of them, to expect the unexpected
  • Keep a 2 or 3 second gap between you and the car in front
  • Double the time and gap if the weather is wet or icy
  • Always signal to switch lanes and to come off a roundabout


Tricky situations and what to do when you face them:

If you’ve had an accident:

Take a deep breath. Make sure you’re not injured, and none of your passengers are not injured. Next step out of your car and check the driver and passenger of the other vehicle, and ask them if they are okay. Call an ambulance if needed.

  • Remember to NEVER abandon the scene – no matter where you were heading, you have to stay put, as leaving the scene can result in legal charges
  • Call the police straight away – they will make an accident report and tell you when you can leave the scene
  • Return to your car once you’ve checked everyone is okay, and sit inside the car whilst you all wait for the police.
  • Don’t argue or fight with the other driver. Simply swap contact and insurance details. Also try to get any eyewitness contact details.

If you’ve been pulled over by the police:


  • If the police are following your vehicle with their blue lights flashing, then it’s time to pull over somewhere safe, and remain in the vehicle until the officer approaches you
  • Keep your hands on the steering with and switch on the interior light.
  • Provide necessary documents and always be polite.


Always get your MOT and Services booked in on time

You are expected to drive safely on the road, but the vehicle you are also driving, needs to be fit to be on the road. IF your car hasn’t had its annual MOT or service, then your car may have faults that can cause accidents or leave you stranded.


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