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Gary Anderson: “Some players who spit their dummy out when they get beat, and have their wee tantrum, all I can say is, grow up!”

by Approved Garages | 14 Mar 2016

Approved Garages, sponsors of Premier League Darts, caught up with Gary Anderson before this year’s Premier League games started. He tells us the struggles of training, how to handle a loss and the favourites to win this year

When asked if he was at the form of his life, Gary said: “I wouldn't say that I'm at the form of my life. I struggled right up to the World Championships from last year’s Premier League, so it was nice to find my game again. I'm happy with the way I'm playing now for the next 16 weeks - touch wood that I'm here for the next 16 weeks. It’s going to be a hard road but I'm looking forward to it.”

Anderson has shown us his top form in recent years and we all know Anderson is a highly skilled player. He is the reigning two-time PDC World Champion, and current Premier League Champion 2015. But how is he getting on in the Premier League this year?

So far, in this year’s Premier League, he has lost two games and won his third last Thursday in Nottingham, allowing him a little breather from the elimination battle with his 7-3 defeat of Michael Smith.

Smith came back from 4-1 down to trail by only one leg, but misses a double eight and four earlier, allowing Anderson to pull out an all-important 64 finish in leg nine before landing a brace of double ten checkouts to secure his victory.

The Premier League is so rapid and the skills are on another level this year as each player raises the bar; so we wanted to know if Anderson had any favourites to win? “You've got the top ten now. Anyone can win it. Michael van Gerwen will be a favourite. But then you've got Phil; what is Phil going to do? We know what Phil can do so that won’t be a surprise.”

Yet, Anderson explains, the Premier League tour is no easy ride when it comes to scheduling in a practice session, “Last year, practice was out the window, travelling to places all the time was very hard. My routine compared to the year before is completely different now. Once the Premier League starts we leave on the Wednesday morning and come back on the Monday so that gives us half a day to unpack, get your stuff ready. Tuesday – do what you can on the darts board and you’re off again on the Wednesday. So it’s quite hard – even keeping up with the washing and getting the clothes ready is hard.”

Regardless of the time constraints and lack of practising, Anderson tells us and the boys how he handles losses:

“Darts is just a game to me. If you get beat, you've not played well enough; boy's played better than you. It’s as simple as. You’re going to get beat sometimes. You’re not going to win every tournament, it’s not going to happen, I know that.

“Some players who spit their dummy out when they get beat, and have their wee tantrum, all I can say is, grow up. Get on with it.”

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