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How to make sure you’re getting the best deal on your car insurance

by | 28 Nov 2019

Car insurance. It’s one of those things most of us dread sorting out. The quotes are endless, the questions are sometimes complicated, and don’t get us started on call centers.

Still, if you’re ever unlucky enough to be in an accident, you’ll be grateful for the reassurance that having car insurance brings, especially if it happens to be your fault. Not only do most companies cover damage to your car, but they’ll often take care of any costs associated with injuries suffered by you or another party.

Car insurance is a legal requirement in the UK, which means sorting it out is a necessary evil. To help, here’s our guide to finding the best car insurance policy to meet your needs.

1. Look for companies with a sterling reputation

Not all car insurance companies were created equal. A good place to start is with the reviews. Do a little shopping around and then type the name of the company you’re considering into Google, followed by the word ‘reviews’. The internet will chuck up a wealth of customer opinions on a variety of trade websites for your viewing pleasure.

Bear in mind that there are always going to be bad reviews, but it’s pretty easy to find a company with heaps of positive ones. Look for companies with lots of people saying lots of positive things.

2. Bigger is quite often better

There’s a reason companies become wildly successful; it’s because they’re good at what they do. So the bigger car insurance companies might be more expensive, but you’re likely to find that they offer you a better deal if something goes wrong, they’re more likely to pay out when you need them to, they’re better staffed with professionals who know what they are talking about, and they’re easier to get hold of when you need to talk.

Here’s a list of the top ten largest motor insurance companies in the UK in 2019.

3. Take advantage of deals

If you’re older, have a long and safe driving record, are married, or have taken an additional driving course, you could be entitled to a discount on your car insurance. If your car is stored somewhere safe or on a driveway, or you have extra safety features on your car, you can potentially negotiate a better rate. Make sure you’re declaring everything that might reduce the cost of your car insurance when you’re shopping around.

4. Call the company and compare their quote with the quote you are given online

You’d be really surprised at the discrepancies between online and telephone quotes given by some insurers, so if you’re given a good rate, it’s always worth calling the company and checking what price they’re willing to offer over the telephone. If it’s more than you were quoted through their website then you can politely decline and buy your car insurance online, but if it’s less, then you’ve won.

5. Don’t fall into a loyalty trap

We know you’re busy. Sometimes it might feel easier to let your car insurance automatically renew. That is not the best way to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

You’re insurance provider should send you a reminder and a new quote once a year. This letter or email should encourage you to shop around for new deals. Many insurance providers offer deals for new customers and lots of companies automatically raise your premium for no reason at all, so it’s a good idea to have a look around.

6. Don’t put everyone on your policy

It’s tempting to add everyone who might drive the car to your policy, but this can be a real waste of money. If you’re the main driver and your partner rarely uses the car, temporarily insure them when the need to use the vehicle. You could save yourself hundreds of pounds.

7. Save up to pay in one go

Monthly payments are more manageable, but they come with high interest rates. You can negotiate a better deal if you can afford to pay up front. If you can, set aside a small amount each month and pay your care insurance up front in one go. You’ll get a much better price from prospective insurers.

8. Don’t be afraid to haggle

The first price you’re offered is not the lowest price the insurer is willing to give. It’s always worth pushing for a better deal. Tell your prospective car insurer that you were hoping for a cheaper price. Tell them that you’ve been quoted less elsewhere. Encourage them to offer you a better quote and they probably will.

Remember, your car insurance is a service you are paying for. In some cases, it can cost a lot of money to insure your vehicle. It’s important that the insurance you have is high quality and affordable, so make sure you’re getting as much bang as you can for your buck.

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