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Get to know darts player, Michael Smith: “I know I can do it and believe I can beat anybody.”

by Approved Garages | 23 Mar 2016

We all know Smith has beaten most of the big names in darts at least once already in his darts career but it hasn't been going so well in the Premier League 2016 for Smith. Find out what Smith’s game plan is for the rest of the season with Approved Garages:  


How are you finding the Premier League 2016 so far?

I want to be doing better than I am but I’m really enjoying it so far. I’m so happy to be playing in it rather than sitting at home wishing I was there.


At this stage, what’s your ambition for the Premier League? What would you like to achieve?

Quite simply, I don’t want to get eliminated after Judgement Night. After then, I'll try to get to the Play-Offs and win it.


Who do you think are favourites for the title?

Has to be Michael van Gerwen and Gary Anderson. They are the two best players in the world and will be right there at the end.


Who have you particularly enjoyed playing?

Obviously Gary as he is my mentor and has taught me a lot about darts. Also have to say Michael van Gerwen and Dave Chisnall as they play a fast game and don’t try any mind games.


What’s your favourite pastime apart from darts?

I love playing snooker and also enjoy taking the baby out for a walk when I need to relax.


What do your friends think of your darts profession?

They all tell me it's not a proper job, but whenever I give them some darts and say come and beat me they get nowhere near! Joking aside, they are very supportive and believe in my ability.


You’ve beaten most of the big names in your time at least once already – Taylor, Anderson, Barney. Is it now a question of consistency, beating major players again and again?

I know I can do it and believe I can beat anybody. However, consistency and complacency are two things I really need to work on. I know it will come because of all the hard work I put in. Just look at MvG, he was happy to put the work in when the results weren’t coming and now look at what he’s achieving.


Many of the players say you’re going to be a future World Champion – what do you think?

I’ve believed that from the first day I started playing darts and nothing has changed my mind. It’s not worth playing if I don’t believe I can do it. If I ever feel like there’s no way of me winning a match before I go on stage I’d rather just pack it in.


Do you have a dream car?

I’m all about minimal effort and maximum comfort. I see all these nice looking sports cars but it would take ten minutes to get in and ten minutes to get out of it! I’m happy with my comfy Kia, although a Range Rover would be nice!


Any superstitions or funny pre-match rituals?

There’s a certain song I listen to before every match to pump myself up. What is it? That’s my little secret.


Do you have any sporting heroes?

Ronnie O’Sullivan. He’s done so much for the sport. I love his attitude, he’s the best and he knows it!


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