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Most haunted roads in the UK - Would you dare take a road trip down these paranormal roads?

by Approved Garages | 13 Apr 2018


Approved Garages’ has rounded up some of the most compellingly chilling roads across the UK for paranormal and strange happenings, so whether you’re a keen ghost buster or prefer some authentic chills this Friday 13th you can check out these haunted hotspots and motorways across the UK.

From spooky dancing widows to flying horsemen, and marching miners to phantom lorries, stories of dark apparitions on Britain’s roads are numerous.

  1. Electric Brae, Ayrshire, Scotland

It was believed to be haunted by witches from ages ago, the most well-known concept centres around magnets, minerals and rich coastal soil. Imagine driving down a road and suddenly your car starts to roll the wrong way. This is what happens on the Electric Brae. The road attracts a lot of visitors who want to witness the unusual phenomena of a car rolling up a hill.

It was recently told that this is an optical illusion and that the slop simply appears to the driver as though the car is moving. Whatever the cause of this fascinating experience, some still think is it worth checking out.

  1. The A75, Kinmount Straight in South West Scotland

Nicknamed the most haunted road in Scotland and known as ‘The Ghost Road’, this has been a popular spot for paranormal commotion and sightings for centuries which consist of eyeless phantoms peeking out from the side of the road, ghostly horsemen in their carriages, ghosts walking on the road with many drivers reporting and believing they had hit people only to get out of their vehicles and not find anyone.

This part of the road isn’t very well lit so take care if you are driving through the villages from Annan to Dumfriesshire.

  1. Platt Lane, Lancashire:

The road in Westhoughton runs close to the site of the 1910 Pretoria pit tragedy, which killed 344 miners, and many motorists have reported seeing spooky eyes peering out of the hedges by the roadside, and phantom miners plodding alongside cars or pulling coal wagons behind them.

  1. Stockbridge Bypass, Sheffield, England

Approx. 27min drive from Sheffield / 33min from Leeds / 1hr6min from Manchester

Known as the ‘Killer Road’ the Stockbridge bypass is set in Stockbridge near Sheffield, the road is said to be haunted with many people undergoing strange goings-on on the bypass.

Some drivers have reported seeing a monk staring over the valley by the road, and even appearing beside them in their cars, and a large black dog roaming the fields.

It is also stated that children may have fallen down mine chutes on this land in the past.  When work began in 1987 workers immediately began reporting odd sounds and phenomena, two security guards at the time claim to have witnessed numerous sightings of mysterious paranormal activity while on parole including reports of children in old fashioned clothes dancing near the construction site.

Where ever you drive today on Friday 13th, ensure you remember, safety first! Always wear your seat belt and keep your eyes on the road.


Happy Friday 13th from Approved Garages!


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