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AutoCare garage technicians’ success with the new MOT training

by Saima Omar | 21 Nov 2016

There has been an announcement by the DVSA that MOT training assessments and training will be required annually in April 2016, for 58,000 MOT testers.

Under the old scheme, MOT technicians had to complete two days of refresher training every five years, but now it is required to do three hours of training each year and pass the assessment.

The name of the course is called CPD and should be completed by all existing MOT technicians by the end of March 2017. If MOT testers want to retain their testing status and have the approval to test, they’ll need to pass the assessment between 1 April and 31 March each year.

AutoCare Network excel at MOT training

All garage technicians on the AutoCare network are regularly trained with IMI accreditation on over 50 training courses, so they are experts in taking care of all makes of vehicles.

Technicians actively keep up with the latest technology and industry trends; including hybrid, start/stop and diagnostics, to name a few – and now this change of MOT training will be adhered to right away.

All technicians complete stringent MOT training. The DVSA have set the core topics for the annual assessment and these focus on areas where they feel testers generally may have gone wrong.

Transport Minister, Lord Ahmad said: “MOT testers do an excellent and essential job ensuring that vehicles are fit to be driven on our roads.

“We want all workers to be proud of their profession and drivers to be sure they are getting the right test result.

“We are introducing this new qualification and training and assessment regime to further boost the reputation of the profession.”

Trusted national garage network, AutoCare have excellent training opportunities; up to 18th October 2016, a total of 200 delegates have been trained to the new standard, with two delegates getting 100% pass marks!

The MOT training run by WG training, is taken out of the AutoCare garages annual allowance that each garage gets for signing up to this garage network. A further 231 delegates have confirmed bookings so far for the coming months, with many other garages keen to book.

“Our AutoCare garages have always taken training very seriously, and we are well prepared for this change of legislation and the frequency of MOT training,” said Garage networks manager Maria McCullough.

“Motorists know that the work carried out on their vehicles is at the industry standard and all of our technicians are always keen to progress with their skills and knowledge.”

Maria points out that motorists worried about whether their car is roadworthy – whether new or not – should book it in with their local Approved Garages’ or AutoCare garage for a basic safety check. This is particularly important before long drives.

Gary Owen, a GROUPAUTO member, who organised for his local garages to go on the training, said: “I would just like to thank you for the training, I’ve had fantastic feedback both for the course content and the way you delivered it. Not often do I get customers calling in just to congratulate me. It’s usually complaints about the lack of a free lunch. Everyone is keen to book for next year so full marks from me!”

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