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Six tips to make your fuel last longer

by Approved Garages | 14 Oct 2016

Did you know you can make a difference to fuel efficiency, simply by changing a few of your driving techniques?

Many drivers are unnecessarily wasting fuel because they have picked up some bad driving habits along the years. Here are a few useful changes you can make to the way you drive which can save you money and help the environment.

1) Slow and steady wins the race

The AA published data last year, which shows fuel consumption in correlation to driving speed:

  • 70mph can use up to 15% more fuel than at 50mph
  • 70mph can use up to 9% more than at 60mph
  • 80mph can use up to 25% more than at 70mph

This shows that the faster you go; the more fuel your car will consume. So next time you’re out driving, stick to the speed limits and you’ll notice difference in how long your fuel lasts.

2) Remove excess weight

Before any long journey, take out the extra clutter from your car. Extra weight will use more fuel so there’s no point keeping items of no need in your car.

3) Become a smooth operator

If you want to save fuel, try driving smoothly, without any jerky or rapid acceleration phases, and read the road well ahead so that you can avoid having to brake so often.

Similarly, when you are deaccelerating, do this smoothly, first letting go of the accelerator, whilst leaving the car in gear.

4) Are you under pressure?

You should check the tyre pressures as often as you can and especially before long journeys. If your tyres are not inflated fully, they will increase the rolling resistance and this uses extra fuel. To ensure your tyre’s are at their correct pressure, check your manufacturer’s guide or look at the figures near the lock inside the driver’s door.

5) Avoid driving in rush hour traffic

It already feels like a chore driving at these times, so it doesn’t helping knowing it’s also an extremely expensive time to travel. With the constant stopping and starting of the traffic, your car uses a great deal of fuel to move off each time.

If you absolutely must travel during these times, try to read the road ahead by keeping a steady pace. Try not to fill gaps in the traffic by accelerating and then slowing down.

For those who regularly travel great distances in rush hour traffic, it may be wise to buy a hybrid car which tends to use less fuel than a regular petrol or diesel model.

6) Regularly service your car

Stick to your manufacturer’s schedule and get your car serviced at your local garage on a regular basis. This will help maintain your engine efficiency and detect any issues that may cause your car to use more fuel than necessary.

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