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Thinking of selling your car? Here’s How to get your car ready to sell

by Saima Omar | 31 Aug 2018


Although it’s not the first thought you have when selling your car, fixing it up before selling it is worth some consideration.

To find out how to bring home the bacon when you sell your old ride, Approved Garages looks at various ways to increase the value of your car.

  1. Get a full service before selling your car

Buying a car is a nice experience, and the buyer won’t want to have to deal with a load of work, just as they’ve bought it, so take it for its routine oil change and inspection.

If you show that you’ve had a full service done on your car recently, then it will give the buyer peace of mind and are more likely to want to buy it.

If your vehicle needs additional repairs that you don’t want to deal with, having a detailed inspection report from an Approved Garage who will help you precisely price the car and provide more transparency for the buyer.

  1. Make the easy repairs and fixes

Over time, the shiny, clean components on a vehicle will lose their shine and start fading, so see if there are any affordable improvements you can make before you sell, such as replacing worn-out floor mats, headlights, windscreen wipers – but ensure they meet original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications and are installed correctly.

  1. Give it a good wash and detailing

One of the things to do to get a good price for your old car, is pay a professional to detail your car or spend time giving it a deep cleaning yourself using quality washes and waxes. It’s surprising how many people don’t do a basic cleaning when getting their car ready to sell.

“You really want to get the car looking its best, and make sure it smells nice. That’s another aspect people may not be aware of. Use a good product to get it a smelling nice and fresh — maybe not quite a new-car but definitely not a used-car smell,” he said.

  1. Take good angled pictures in a scenic area to sell your car

Now that your old car is looking its finest it has in some time, you can begin taking some pictures. Take lots of photos of different features of the car — inside and out, and from various angles — to give potential buyers a good idea of what you’re trying to sell.

  1. Get your paperwork in order

Before you’re ready to sell, it’s also significant to get all your documents ready so you don’t waste time tracking them down once you have an interested buyer.

  1. Research the car’s value

Check AutoTrader and other car selling websites to see how much your car make and model is selling for. This will be your benchmark for how much you should ask for your car, and you can work from there to negotiate a final price with the buyer.

  1. Write up your ad to sell the car

When writing your ad, include as much information as possible. In addition to the number of miles, the type of transmission and other details, tell your car’s story as well as you can.

If you’ve been the only owner of the car, that’s worth mentioning. People want to know that the car’s been taken care of.

  1. Decide on where you want to post your ad

Everything is ready, but now where should you advertise that your car is for sale? Is parking your car in a corner with a FOR SALE sign good enough?

In today’s digital world, you can do better than that! AutoTrader is everyone’s number one option but try specialist sites as you may have special features that car fanatics may be after.

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