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What Can Void Your Car Warranty?

by Approved Garages | 18 Jan 2016

Approved Garages clear up some misconceptions about your car warranty as many are led to believe that getting your car fixed from an independent garage will void your warranty – when this isn't always the case.

Here we explain what your car warranty is for, what exactly voids your warranty and what you are allowed to do within the warranty agreement.

What is a car warranty?

A car warranty is an agreement with the car-maker, which outlines what you should and shouldn't do with your car, for them to cover it against any manufacturer’s faults. Your car comes with a warranty because car-makers and dealers have the confidence that their products will perform as they should and they want you to have faith in them too.

So technically, the warranty is fundamentally a promise from the manufacturer or dealer that should there be a fault with your car within the outlined timescale or mileage limit, they will ensure they repair your car for free.

What does a typical warranty cover?

It’s good to know that a new-car warranty generally covers an ample proportion of the car – this can include the gearbox, engine, suspension, electrics, cooling system, fuel system, car controls and windscreen wipers.

Used-car warranties are less precise and you should read the terms and conditions to see what proportion of the car, your warranty will cover.

Common things that void your car warranty

·  Using the wrong fluid in your car – your manufacturer’s guide will tell you what lubricants, fluids and oils are approved for your car model. If you are still unsure, find out from your local Approved Garage

·  Not keeping your repair receipts and MOT up to date

·  Car modification can void your warranty

·  Using an unauthorised garage for repairs

Some car components are not covered under your warranty

Generally speaking, the following tend not to be inclusive of your warranty, (check your warranty terms and conditions to see what isn’t) so if there is a fault with them you will have to pay for it -


  •   Tyres and wheels
  •   Brakes and clutch
  •   Catalytic converter
  •   Audio equipment
  •   Damage to the bodywork, or car paintwork such as a scratch on your car
  •   Damage to your headlights
  •   Exhausts


However, if something does go wrong with any of the above, you no longer have to go to the dealership to get it fixed. Thanks to the European Block Exemption rule, you can visit certain independent garages and still keep your warranty intact.

Approved Garages can fix your car without invalidating your vehicle’s warranty

You can get your car repaired with total peace of mind with certain garages. The terms you need to be aware of is that the garage you choose should use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and the work carried out should be to the manufacturers standards. Approved Garages is a network of highly respected independent garages which you can trust for quality, value and the very best prices.

The garages in our network will only fit Original Equipment or Matching Quality parts, so you can have the confidence of getting a car fixed with us. Just remember to keep all receipts and paperwork to show the dealership a full service history in the future.

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