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Wright: “The Premier League can destroy people if you don’t know how to handle it.”

by Approved Garages | 24 Feb 2016

Peter Wright moved two points clear at the top of the Premier League table when he beat James Wade in Dublin last Thursday. We spoke to “Snakebite” Wright before his victory in last week’s Betway Premier League in Dublin …

You made the quarter finals of the World’s. Did that match your expectations?

No. I thought the form that I was in - and no offence to the final -  I should have done, but I didn’t turn up against Adrian Lewis, first four sets. When I did get the chance I did miss one crucial double to go ahead, and missed another crucial double there…

But your averages were good throughout the World’s?

Yeah, it was good, but it just wasn’t meant to be that time.

And your form going into the Premier league?

Form going into the Premier league – I’m ready for it.

Do you feel 2015 was a good year for you?

To be honest, not really, I got to a couple of finals here and there but my form was too up and down. Beginning of the year I had family problems at home during the Premier League stages, that’s why I went out early. I was turning up like an empty shell, I was still trying, but I just couldn’t get away from it. All the problems we had. That’s all sorted now and I’m looking forward to this year.

We’ve got some new players in the Premier League. Michael Smith first up, how do you think he will do?

I hope he does well. But – well you know – because he is a fantastic player, he’s done brilliant to get to number 8 in the World, he’s won European, Floor tournaments and all that. I've played him many times before and I've always said that he’ll be a future World champion. I just hope it doesn't destroy him, because it’s a total different ballgame from when you’re playing normal telly. It’s totally different.

It’s ruined some dart players’ careers to be honest, like, Wayne Mardle, Pete Manley, Andy Hamilton, Wes Newton, Mark Webster – The Premier League can destroy people if you don’t know how to handle it. That’s why you have to go in there and have fun.

You’re a prime example of that. Your celebration as you come on and you get the crowd going and so on. Does that give you extra confidence?

It does. It gives me confidence and I’m honoured about playing in front of all those people who turn up - take out their Thursday nights to watch the darts. You don’t want to let them down. So that’s what I do. I enjoy myself and make sure they enjoy it.

Do you have a favourite venue?

Glasgow is probably the best. Playing at the Hydro, you look back and you can’t even see some of the people right at the back. You think, how can they see you. It’s like they are little ants, it’s crazy.

 Are you an avid film watcher?

No, I don’t have time to be honest. When I’m at home, I just catch up on stuff that needs doing around the house. You know, weeding and gardening and stuff like that. Repairing things in the house. I do bring my iPad and think I’ll watch movies, but I just don’t have the time. I like to practice as well, I've got my dart board in my room, in the hotel room. So I don’t have time.

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